Finding Love In Two


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I stood in the kitchen, wearing a Winnie the pooh hoodie and black sweatpants. Singing my heart out to 'Gonna love ya' by Avicii and dancing. I hear glass shatter and I turn around and see them.
We saw her in our kitchen. Wearing a Winnie the pooh hoodie and sweatpants and we both instantly knew it was her.
Our mate.
We had been waiting for this for ten years, and now the moment finally came.
And let me tell you, she was more than perfect.


Tags: TeenfictionWerewolfAlphaLove-trianglePossessive
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Chapter 5

Leilys P.O.V

I was surprised when Hayden gently cupped the side of my face, making me look at him. I looked into his beautiful, deep, forrest-green eyes. Feeling myself relax and wanting to lean into his touch. He was so beautiful. I so badly wanted to draw him, or really to draw both of them. Wanted to draw all their similarities, ……

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