Loving a Bully

Louise M.

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Book 4 of The Bully series:
Proud yet vulnerable April Locke only wishes to be free from a father who forced her to endure and live a nightmare all her life. Her savior comes in the form of the man whose love she had cruelly rejected not once but twice. She’s still having none of him. Unfortunately, he’s having none of her rejections anymore and pledged to protect her with his life. But how can she let herself love him when she knows of a secret that will still make her lose him in the end?


Tags: BillionaireCrimeRomanceGangPossessive
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“I don’t understand,” I deadpanned. “Why am I cooking dinner?”

“Because the person who’s supposed to cook went home,” Christopher explained for the third time. And for the third time, his explanation did not make sense to me at all. “It’s almost Christmas. They’re going to buy presents for their family.”

“Then why am I cooking

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