Forbidden Desires (Student/Teacher Love Story)


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It's just a game. One where whoever holds the most playing cards wins.

Coach Blake has singled eighteen-year-old Desiree Taylor out since the beginning of her high school career. Now it's senior year, and she's determined to make him eat his words. She finds herself in an intense game of dominance, and when things get too heated - a few naughty spoken words -Desiree finds herself aching with forbidden desires.

Will she beat the insanely sexy gym coach, or will she lose to the blazing inferno within herself?


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Chapter Twenty

My fury dulls the appealing qualities of the resort once we arrived. The entire ride here, all that raced through my mind was how Kellan had lied to me. Nothing going on, my ass. There was already sexual history there. Something he hadn’t forgone.

I sidle off the bus, dreary gaze scanning the hotel, feeling none of the magic Disney claims ……

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