Zack & Samantha

Phantasmagoric Xythe

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She turned around finding him half naked in the kitchen. No glasses, no long sleeves but only a towel wrapped around his waist and revealing a pretty shaped up built. "What give?" she asked with a straight face making him jumped from shock over seeing the girl on the door. Quickly, he covered his upper body with his arms as if a girl caught changing clothes. "Ummm... Don't mind me!" and he rushed out of the kitchen while she watched him disappeared blankly. "Well, I guess I've seen too much." she muttered and ignored the man.


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Prologue: And we get together

There was silence. Samantha blankly watched the family in front of her while beside her beloved parents. The two groups had stared at each other minutes after the Cortez family had stormed inside their house while grabbing their unwilling son's wrist as if a kinder being forced to tell the bastard who bullied him inside a classroom. After that, ……

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