A mind of her own.

John K. Sutherland

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Deke watched the soldier slip a pill into Susan’s drink while she was distracted, knowing at that moment what that man planned for her. He almost hadn’t recognized her when she had first come into the bar the way she was dressed. She was uncomfortable, out of place, and did not want to be here, but her friends had somehow tricked her.
She meant a lot to him, so he would see that she came to no harm.

Susan awoke. She sat up under the mosquito net, feeling and seeing that she was naked. She recognized nothing; did not know where she was. She remembered some of the previous night and began to panic.


Tags: Romance
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Gone without a trace.

Deke drove off into the night with Susan beside him. No one followed him. He made sure of that. It was too early for anyone else to leave with the fun just starting. That soldier would be out for at least an hour, maybe for a couple of days. Serve him right. He’d miss all of the fun that his friends would brag about for the rest of the week as t……

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