Eunice Dyson's lost panties.

John K. Sutherland

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Eunice was in a panic. She'd lost her panties on the fells, and imagined the worst things possible when they were found with her name in them. She wasn't prepared for what actually happened.
Eunice Dyson lost her panties on the fell top as the girls bathed in that pool. Her name was sewn into them and they were decorated with an embroidered heart over a crucial place. She was devastated; unable to sleep for two days.
A young farmer inspecting his sheep, saw their clothes blown around in a sudden gust of wind. He watched the frantic girls run around in their delightfully naked states recovering them, and searching desperately for something still missing, then leaving without it.
He found a pair of white panties, returning them to the school office in a package with Eunice’s name written upon it.
Everyone knew what it contained: Eunice’s panties, and knew who had found them! Fortunately, she was just a name to which he could not put a face.
Not until that fateful day.
She was working in the barn that the farmer had given the school as they tended to the livestock for him in exchange for eggs and milk, putting hay down for the calves when she slipped.
He caught her. Her skirt was askew, exposing everything to him including her panties. She was frozen in horror.
He smiled down at her. “Miss Dyson. How nice. We meet at last!”
He'd recognized her from her panties!


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