A KItten in delightful trouble.

John K. Sutherland

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Erin was hung up on the steep ramp, her skirt trapped behind and above her, pulled tight under her breasts, exposing everything. She had splinters sticking everywhere. Then he walked in and saw her.

Erin and her four friends went looking for the old cat's kittens, finding the last one in the top of the barn; out-of-bounds to them. After a few minutes they heard the stable door open and close. Someone was coming! They should not be caught here. They scattered. Erin was last. She decided to use the old hay ramp, slide down it, and go. She slipped, slammed down hard onto the wooden surface with a shout, and slid down, picking up splinters in the most tender parts of her anatomy on the way down. After about four feet, she was brought to a sudden stop by her skirt, caught on the edge of the ramp behind and above her. The waist of her skirt was wrenched up her body. Her breasts were all that stopped it finishing up under her armpits or losing it altogether. Her panties were pulled tight to the point of murder, buttons flew off her blouse, her bra felt as though it was not long for this world, and she was well and truly stuck, revealing 'all' to the world! 
Then he walked in and saw her. What price would she be made to pay to enlist his help before she could escape back to school? If he would let her go. The next two hours changed both of their lives in a revolutionary way.


Tags: Romance
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Some of the girls at school talked about boys and what they always wanted to do, and how intriguing it soon became, especially after they had courage to take hold of it, him, and let it progress from there.

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