Saving Selena.

John K. Sutherland

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Captain Robert Penfield was on his way home after ten years of battling Napoleon’s navy.
He'd just learned that his twin brother, Charles, had been killed in a carriage accident, five days earlier and that Charles’s wife, Selena, was not expected to survive.
The title, Lord Penfield, was now his and all of the responsibilities that went with it, including three young nieces, born since he had left.
He could barely read the words in the letter. He had to get home. He could not bear to lose Selena for a second time.
His family believed that he had never met his brother’s fiancée. Selena even believed it herself. Yet they had met, and in a memorable way. As he had been leaving home for the last time, ten years earlier he had met her by accident. She had not known that he was Robert, rather than his brother, Charles, and before he could help himself they had made wild and passionate love. Neither she, nor his brother had recognized the mistake that had occurred, though it had changed Robert’s entire life and was about to change it again. He was not sure what would greet him when he arrived home. With his history, he would not be welcome, but he would not delay. He was needed. 


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The thick fog that blanketed the river, out of which a few masts poked, hid more than Captain Penfield liked as their ship came into the dock, but they had been making only slow headway. They had lowered two longboats and were being towed upriver by them and into the dock, taking what advantage they could, of the little incoming tide that was st……

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