A Hidden Kindness


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*Thankyou everyone so much for this love. Wait for more thrilling stories are on their way.*
"My name is Irina Lockwood and I dont like to play hide and seek. If you're man enough then come and face me" ,she said.
Meet the Powerful and Richest gang leader of the town. She is fearless, she is strong and she is unbreakable.

"Enough of your games!", he said.
He is handsome. He is arrogant. He wants revenge. And he wants to take over her gang.
What will happen when two enemies fall for each other and together they find the thief?

*Hi guys this is my first story please appreciate it. Like and share it. Thanks*


Tags: ActionMurderRevengeGangBossMafiaDramaDreameSeed2019
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Author's note

Hi guys this is Rooms. So this story comes to an end with all your love. As this is my first story here and I didn't knew how to write a proper story and I've made some silly mistakes also. I contacted the editor of this app and they told me they will not sign my story as it's more like a movie script and I guess they are absolutely right. I tri……

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