A Hidden Kindness


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Irina Lockwood, a 22 year old owning a company and also a gang leader. She spent her life being a mafia leader and solving the puzzles of her uncompleted life. Her past is dark and everyday she spends of her life is surrounded by danger but being the fearless one, she faced all the dangers fiercelessly.
Jared Young aka Jay believes Irina is the reason his family is no more. He tried to kill her bring her down,planning for revenge and he knows that he kissed her in the dark. Deep down he thinks she's hot but his ego is strong enough to hate her.
Rayna Cruz wants revenge because her boyfriend is being killed by Irina but she doesn't know the person she's trying to kill for so long is none other than her long lost sister.
What if Irina and Jay fell for each other and together they will complete the puzzles of life one by one?

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Hi, guys, this is Rooms. So this story comes to an end with all your love. As this is my first story here and I didn't know how to write a proper story and I've made some silly mistakes also. I contacted the editor of this app and they told me they will not sign my story as it's more like a movie script and I guess they are absolutely right. I t……

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