Rebirth: The Apocalypse


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Scheming uncle, evil cousin; because of the Gwyn sisters' powers, they became the target of the evil duo but the cause of her sisters' death and severe wounds is due to her stupidity and naivety.

Just because they are her relative, Heaven believed them more than her blood-related sisters in the end...

Lorelei's face became disfigured, one of her eye gone.

Nova died in the hands of the swarm of zombies.

Brielle became the evil duo's lab rat, tortured to death.

Heaven swore that she will avenge their death!

When she open her eyes, she's back to before the apocalypse happen. Gone is the innocence in her eyes, instead vengeance burn like raging fire. This time she is not that innocent and naive girl anymore, this time she will protect her sisters!


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasySuspenseTeenfiction
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Heaven looks at the ceiling with the urge of killing the guy beside her. The guy had this bright smile on his face, blinking innocently at her. He is older than Brielle by one or two age, engineering student. He looks younger than his actual age because of his baby face and he have this curly light brown hair.

“Heaven, Heaven. Are you thir……

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