Back To My Devil Billionaire

Isabelle Sweet

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Caldwell was known for his great fortune and a heart of stone. When Aurora was forced to marry such a man, she would rather die. So she tried her best to run away. She fell in love with another man, which led to her early grave.

When she was given a second life, she realized Caldwell is the only one who cared for her. This time, she would not run away. She would get married to Caldwell and take her revenge on the bad.


Tags: RevengeLove-triangleReincarnationHEPowerfulTycoonChildhood CrushDramaTwistedBxG
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Graceland was shocked by this word.

He didn’t go against puppy love, because anyone couldn’t avoid such experience of love, and had different understandings at different ages.

It was actually a kind of growth...

However, hearing “Love”, he still couldn’t react for a while.

Because he really didn’t expec……

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