I'll Bring Back What's Mine

January Garneth

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When you thought you could live alone and cold all your life, then you meet someone that will beautifully change everything.

Gabriel life changes when he met Rinea.

“Mom, this woman beside me is the love of my life. She is Rinea; she helps me through in the most difficult moment of my life and even in the simplest things like just finishing my project deals at work that’s how reliable she is. She supports me a lot, and she loves me. I love her with all my heart, and I can’t imagine my life living without her. Like how father falls in love with you, I fall hard for her too. Like how father promise you that he will only love you for the rest of his life that’s how much I love her too” his voice is soft as if he is talking to her mother


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Chapter 42 Mother’s Grave

Rinea rubbed her eyes; Justin looks at her in disbelief and asks her,

“What happen to you last night; you left with Gabriel?” Justin rolled his eyes

“And why you looked exhausted?” he asked, then an idea hit him.

“Don’t tell me you two do it?” Justin smirks

“Do wha……

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