Say Ah


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Alison Powell or Dr.Powell is a 23 year old dentist who has a special love for
her job, she tries to live a normal life after her tragic breakup with her
previous love but is having a hard time forgetting him, but will a certain
patient namely Christopher Noble turn up to change her life?
To bring more spice to it? Or will she still be stuck in the past? Maybe
Alison will be the one to change Christopher's life, for the better of course.


Tags: BillionaireChicklitHumorBDSMSex
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Chapter 35: Go time

Back at Emanuel's place, the group debated on how they were going to go about Alison back once they knew where she was while Emanuel tried to get reach of his pals through phone, with the frantic help of Christopher who called Hans for extra help.

"I wonder if he has any guns" Jose wondered to himself but Jhene overheard.

"Probably, ……

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