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Alison Powell or Dr.Powell is a 23 year old dentist who has a special love for
her job, she tries to live a normal life after her tragic breakup with her
previous love but is having a hard time forgetting him, but will a certain
patient namely Christopher Noble turn up to change her life?
To bring more spice to it? Or will she still be stuck in the past? Maybe
Alison will be the one to change Christopher's life, for the better of course.


Tags: BillionaireChicklitHumorBDSMSex
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Christopher smiled upon hearing my invitation.

"Okay" he said simply.

I returned his smile and turned to unlock the door, when I did so, randy came up to me then stopped and looked at my date briefly before he let me pet him.

"Go lie down" I instructed him. The dog of course.

Randy ran off happily then I che……

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