The soul within you


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Getting pulled into another world where the unknown is
where her life is in a danger all the time
girl fighting for her life within a place unknown to her yet so familiar to her, what will she do when she finds out the truth to who she is?

can Kiyomi save them and give pace to the romatha kingdom or will their lose all hope into darkest where their life will end?

a/n read at your own free will as some of the chap are dark etc


Tags: AdventureFantasyRomanceTeenfictionPossessive
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chapcter 3.2

A young woman sits in a big field with a bunch of different flowers, of every color you think of. Where you could see for miles, as she feels the heat from the sun shining brightly in the sky as its blind her eyes. When she feels two strong arms wrap's her waist and pulls her against his chest. As he kisses her neck th……

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