The Mafia's Forbidden Desire


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Love is a merciless alley which conducted with vengeance and blood, blood of many men.
One mistake is enough!
Vasileios Sokolovic, known to be a remorseless, sadistic, ruthless and cold-hearted.
He believes, 'mercy' is a weakness! So, he concealed his heart with cruelty, vengeance, hatred but still people respected him- fearing him. He only knows how to kill- blood for blood until he meets her.
Despising that she is forbidden, taken and married, still he is unable to stay away. The attraction was undeniable.
Lashea Ó Braoin, a fragile beautiful woman- captive in Irish shell; married and unknown to the world-hidden and rarely step outside. Broken from inside- A forbidden treasure.
No immunity and no love- until she saw him. Unaware about the fact, who Vasileios is, she finds herself attracted to him. But somehow she knew he is the danger and a man like him couldn't do love, still he possesses her- and her body and she desires him. Though he wasn't her husband and not her well-wisher- he is vicious and crueler than she thought.
What happens when they find love in each other? What happens when Vasileios heart started to beat for the first time? Will their love survive? Could she make him believe in love?


This is a fiction work.
Copyright © 2017 by Jahan Yna aka death_angel00. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without prior written permission of Jahan Yna.


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Chapter Eight



"This is a fucking death wish, Vaseo."

Didn't I know that?

Swearing on bloody hell I knew, and that was the fucking problem. I tried to be reasonable and focus, then the last night happened. I didn't mean to happen that, but annoyingly and tempting……

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