Who Is Dancing

Rosemary Newton

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The plane was flying from Bangkok to New York when it encountered turbulence– a violent airstream– in the dark night. While passengers onboard and crew members were terrified, one couple continued to sleep soundly. They remained seemingly undisturbed. As the plane landed in New York, the mysterious couple was found to be, in fact, dead. In Bangkok, ground staff claimed that there was no departure record of the two tourists at all. The forensic investigation team alleged that the couple had, shockingly, been dead for two days before the flight.

A battle between love and desire. A fight of spirit versus flesh. A fallen heart, overcoming unknown fears. A soul escaped to the deep, frozen sea. A ceaseless dance of the supernatural and inhuman, unfolding under the canopy of the dark night…


Tags: DarkGhost
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Chapter 64 The End

At the dead of night, on December 26, 2005, Dave, a businessman involved in the construction industry, was drinking at a bar on Star Road with his girlfriend, Juli……

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