A Truth About Hell

Rosemary Newton

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Fourteen men appeared mysteriously in a passenger car in the Silk Valley.
 In the dark rainy night, the landslides made them abandon the car quickly and run away. The drumming sound on the cliff led them to a dark building.
  The following day, a decaying body appeared in the young married woman's house. Many people who had been dead for a long time slowly approached the small building. They died a second time, there in front of the building. The wizard in a black robe sang the ancient ballad, and the seductive drums loudly boomed again. The corpse in front of the small building was miraculously revived and disappeared under the leadership of the wizard in black. Gary Cheney, a police officer, had been tracking the corpses and accidentally discovered this town hidden deep in a mountain. He found that they were all dead...


Tags: DarkZombieGhostWizard
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Chapter 77 - Suffocation

The sun shone brightly on town of Silk. The distant hills were covered in a mist. The mist was not static. It moved with the wind.

White birds flew through the mist. The people that lived in the city had never seen such a scene. Hartley and Roman took it in, but neither of them felt relaxed.

Zoey and Sylvia had returned, and……

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