Soul Extension

G C Fer

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Gene Amano, the main protagonist of the story, just turned eighteen and he wishes only one thing… to get away from his miserable life. He lives in Den-even, a small village in Cold-breeze City. Cold-breeze City is famous for being a cold plateau despite being in a tropical country. Gene studies in General Lloyd University, a famous university in that city. In that university, he studies the Nursing course, not by choice but by not having any choice at all. This guy has always been categorized as loner, unwanted, and weird. His parents never did have a chance to understand him for his behavior. To top that up, he has always been bullied and pushed over and even received too much criticisms and prejudices from his fellow classmates and schoolmates.

One time in their class, a dare was announced by the class president and it was the kind of dare that none of the students had any courage in taking up. It was to navigate the most haunted mansion in Cold-breeze City at nighttime. Since there are no classes for the next three days, it would be an all-night party. Gene thought that if he took the dare, will they ever cheer for him?

“I’ll do it,” Gene stands up from his chair and the whole class fell silent.

Could this be his way out from his miserable life?

[Under major revisions]


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Act 8: Sir Viz's Union


Friday, November 26, 2021


“Don’t forget to sign after you finish filling up the details,” Vortex hands over the contracts of Zasalamel and Elena. “Of course, you two will be on different rooms.”

Zasalamel asks, “Am I going to work here? Because I won’t…”


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