Horror in the Dark

Rosemary Newton

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I was intruded into an unknown city. Something must have gone wrong here, I found. Everybody seemed to know me, yet, at the same time avoiding me. Often I saw those in the corner or in the darkness talking in whispers or keep whispering about me. Their facial expressions showed ambiguity and so did their words; all were liars…those policemen, doctors, businessmen, the authorized, and scoundrels. Even the gloomy windows turned into eyes without eyeballs, spying on me. However, what’s more horrible was that…


Tags: DarkGhost
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After all three of them had focused their attention on the mysterious note on the wall, something more sinister happened.

The wall was right in the middle of the room, with a big screen embedded in it. There were three images on the screen, looking back at the three men. Big red letters in unknown paint appeared, ‘You are dying.’<……

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