Reason to Love

Divya Bharathi

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You may have thousands of reason to hate someone but you rarely have reasons to love someone.They may be different in all aspects from us, they may have habits which you don't like or they do things which you don't approve at all but still you love them no matter whatever it is.
Does this mean the love between a girl and boy only?
why can't it be told the love or affection between a parent and child?
why it can't be between siblings?
why can't it be between friends?

Whenever the word love is mentioned we straightly think about the romantic love.There are other relations in this world to which love is applied.
A master loves it pet animal.A gardener loves all the plants and flowers in his garden.We love food the which makes us happy when we eat it.
There is always a known or unknown reason to hate.But we cannot always point a reason to love may be sometimes its possible.But an unconditional love for something or someone we cannot always produce a reason.Because it just happens.It has its connectivity because of which we cannot deny that love,no matter whatever happens.


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