Twin Alphas

Jessica Miller

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Falling in love with one person seems easy enough. Falling in love with two people makes everything even more complicated. Chloe knew she loved them the moment she saw them. She knew this wasn't the fairy tale she always read in the books or watched in the movies. This was going tear her apart, but that made her want it even more.


Tags: WerewolfAlphaLove-trianglePossessivePackBadboyDramaBxG
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Chapter Sixteen

“Where do you wanna go? Do you want a meal meal?” He asked looking over at me from the stop light when his phone started going off.

He looked down at the screen and then I seen him looked up as if he wasn’t wanting to answer and then finally I head him say hello.

By the voice on the other line I knew it was Dravon and by the sound of……

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