Bound By Daddy Dom

Nyasia C

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 Cyra is going through a little bit of a rough time. She needs a job because the whole college thing didn't really work out for her. A man comes into Cyra's life and offers her care and love as well as a job. Cyra also discovers and explores a side of herself she's never known thanks to him. 


Tags: ForbiddenSexSpankingDDLGDominantSubmissiveKinkyGoodgirlSweetBxG
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Chapter 27

Cyra’s Pov:

“Use you to cum?”, His tone is questioning yet playful as he lowered his head until his lips were near my ear. His voice came out in a deep tone and made me shiver, “you make it sound like you want to be Daddy’s little fucktoy, or Daddy’s cock sleeve, is that what my Sugar wants?”

I felt tingling again, my insides g……

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