Tearing Down


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I slammed my hands hard in the wall, trapping her between me and the wall. A growl came from deep in my chest, a warning for her to stop pushing me away in every way, like she always does. I could hear her heart beating faster than normal, I could smell the arousal coming off her along with defiance and stubbornness. I leaned in closer to her to the point where our noses nearly touched, "Tell me the truth".

She kept her eyes on mine in a clear challenge for dominance of the situation, "I owe you nothing".

 I grabbed her throat without thinking about it, I will get the truth one way or another, no matter what.


He is an Alpha, a dominant, powerful male. Everyone in his pack is below him, in rank even his mate, as it should be and always has been. The question is will it stay that way?

She is a mystery. The only things he knows for sure is that she is a powerful female and his mate. The question is will finding out the truth cause a rejection?


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A crack in the Armor

Jace's pov:

She took a step away from me as if I wasn't allowed to touch what's mine. She even had the gall to warn me by saying, "That's twice now, let's not make it a third".

I smirked taking her words as a non threatening challenge, like a pup barking at full grown wolf to stay back or they'll get hurt. I reached for her yet again……

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