Anything Better

Nyasia C

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("say it", I told him as I quicken my pace.

"urg ch-ch-ch" he stuttering, fighting so he didn't say cherry.

I didn't know what came over me but I had to hear him say it. No matter what. )

April knew she had to win the game at any and all costs, i mean that is the rule. how far would she go?

Jeremy had to win even if it caused him the wrath of the mistress, his pride wouldn't let it be any other way.

would you like to know what he does? then read on


Tags: BDSMSexFriends to LoversDominantSubmissiveKinkyGoodgirlChildhood CrushBxGBi
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Jeremy's Pov:

Five months later!

It has been five months now that April and I have been together, and well it's been amazing. No, not everything has been perfect, we fight on occasion but it only lasts at the least a few hours, at the most a few days. Though it's nothing that we couldn't handle, I love my April and show her every day……

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