Call of Freedom

Vasso Theo

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'I have a vision. A vision of liberty and nothing can stop me from making it a reality.'

Her home doesn't feel like home. Her life doesn't seem her's. Freedom sounds like an untouchable dream.

In her world one man, the Master, rules the world and the others fight for their survival. A woman though fights for justice.

She is a warrior in a world that people simply exist. Her rebellious personality will turn everything upside down. Perceptions start changing so as everyone's life. Now the constant fear is taken by hope.

She travels the whole world risking her life to unfold the secrets, remove the masks from everyone's faces. Her vision is to claim what was once stolen from her people; freedom.

What truth will she conquer? Will she ever be able to live free?


Tags: ActionMysteryRevengeRomanceSuspense
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Chapter Eight

One month is already gone since Deanna decided to chase her dreams and demand her freedom. A lot have changed since then. More weapons are being built daily, people have found their skills and of course it's now, more than any other time, that they are willing to fight. Strolling in the mud, drops of rain hit her face and she blinks them away. T……

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