Learning To Love Him (boyxboy)


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Of course, Hayley was right, I had found my mate. An Amarelo type werewolf, the only problem was ‘she’ was a fucking 'he'.

I didn't understand why, I wasn't gay and now, even the thought sickened me. According to Kaden, Jayden (my 'mate') was gay and I hated him for it. This was obviously his fault. I never wanted to see that fag again in my life. I hated him so much and yet I had never once spoken to him. We both knew when we first saw each other, and I left immediately. Why did I have to be mated to a fucking guy? I haven’t been to Inferno – the pack he belongs to – since that day.


Corey Harrison had has always been a powerful young werewolf, being the future Beta of one of the strongest packs of werewolves in the world. Another thing Corey has always been is straight. So what happens when he finally finds his mate... who happens to be male?


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Chapter 45


I gripped the guitar under my arm as I ran my fingers along the strings tapping my foot impatiently. What the hell was taking them so long?

"About fucking time." I muttered as the door opened.

"Don't be rude!" Izabella punched my arm and I rolled my eyes as I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the doorway before I di……

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