Cinderella's Shoe

Diamond Summers

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"Why?" She interrogated once they entered the room together, apprehensive about what she was inquiring and petrified of who she was interviewing.

He shut and locked the door, turned to face her, and proceeded to ask a question of his own.

"Why what?" He replied, anxious in his own way- fearful for what she could do next.

"Why haven't you done it yet?"

"What?" He still didn't understand what she was talking about.

"Why haven't you rejected me? Thrown me away like the garbage I am? Why haven't you hurt me-"

   Ariel Black could have been normal like everyone else, but -she wasn't.

She was a werewolf.

She could turn into a wolf at will, she was faster, stronger than humans, she had fast healing abilities, and it was much easier for her to find her soulmate- her mate- than it was for humans.

But as soon as she steps into a fairytale Masquerade party, (ironically dressed as Cinderella), the most feared Alpha of them all discovers her. And after a dance and a single glance at each other...

They're mates.

As fate, irony and humour would have it, she flees like the real Cinderella that she is, scared that he would reject her, leaving behind two clues for him to find her:

Her scent,

And a shoe.
Determined to find out who the mysterious girl (also the pack's next Luna) was, Alpha-to-be Jacob Prince goes on a frantic search for his maiden.
Ariel hides away from him, but how long will it be until she's discovered?


Tags: HumorParanormalTeenfictionWerewolfAlpha
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Chapter 4: Welcome To Hell, Enjoy Your "Pleasant" Stay


As much as I was enjoying my time in the forest and in my Japanese maple tree, I had to go. It was time for me to go to my next version of hell. If someone ever asked me to choose which one was worse without saying both, I wouldn't know how to answer……

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