Before I turn 17

Nafisa Horror

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Mathew Morris, a typical teenager was going through some usual life traumas . But things changes , when one day he finds an old diary containing secrets , letters and enchanted hopes . Mathew starts investigating to unveil the horrifying the truth with the help of the diary facing enormous challenges , risking lives . But he didn't know that all along the truth was actually in front of him . All had to do was just surrender to his cruel fate.


Tags: AdventureHorrorMysteryThrillerDark
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Chapter one

Palm trees, cold breeze brushing off his skin. The visible blood on his leg along with the invisible gravely pain were making him shiver. His legs were not able to walk anymore. Still he kept pushing himself that he can do it. He takes a stop when his eyes falls at the park. Slowly he proceeds to walk to the swing where he sat himself down. He l……

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