The Alphas' Mate.

Salena Lucero

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Romeo is a Rogue wolf who hasn't been home since her parents kicked her out of their home at the age of sixteen for being a lesbian. Now at the age of twenty-three, she returns to her old pack, but she isn't the same. The first day of returning she meets Levi(Lee-Vhi) and Cosima(Ca-See-Ma). The twin, female alphas' of her old pack, and the girls she used to watch until she was forced to leave. What happens when the three girls meet again and realize they're mates? Will they even make it to the girls' graduation after all the problems that begin to arise with Romeo's mysterious past?


Tags: AlphaPossessivePolyamoryTeacherxStudentArrogantTomboyKickass HeroineBetaDramaGxG
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Thirty. (Epilogue)

Seventeen Years Later...

"Mom, can you sign this please?" Sky's voice filled my study, causing me to look away from my computer. My eyes had taken in my son, causing a smile to play at my lips. Sky had and the girls had grown so much in the last seventeen years. Turning my chair a bit, I reached my hand out for the paper he wanted m……

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