Black Sea

Vasso Theo Adventure

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"What sort of future can a pirate have? A man whose only fate can be an unmarked grave in the ocean's abyss or the end of a hangman's rope?"

The life of a thief is truly magnificent. They follow a path of stealing things to fool their needs; afraid of the dangers, but too young to realise the impact of their actions.

And then they grow up to become the best of the best, stealing for a greater porpuse. The dangers of the past can no longer affect them in the chaotic beauty of the seas.

However, secrets may do so. Long memories of the past that show up here and there, attempting to break the bonds of trust among crews and family. Most importantly, to torture the mind of the thief, a new member on board.


Tags: ActionMysteryRomanceSuspenseDark
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Chapter 7

When I came out and the Captain behind me, the crew were staring at us. Some impatiently, others with hope. I stepped aside, making space for Captain to move forward. He stood silent for a few seconds, studing the men. And then he spoke,

“We will throw the anchor here and wait patiently and silently in the decks below. The merchant ship wi……

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