Confused Love

Urvashi Mathur

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We are seating on rock "Abeer is holding my hand with so much love and care but i am not feeling same like before for him...why god why??.. Abeer is my boyfriend .... yes Abeer is my boyfriend.


yes but... why I feel those butterflies in my stomach when cabir touches me... whenever he smiles to me.. whenever he flirts with me Ofcourse friendly flirting... but that time I feel.. I feel alive.. I feel loved... like right now.... when neha is forcing me to dance with Kabir: come on Vani dance with Kabir"

Yaa.. i'm Vani kapoor... and Kabir and neha are my best friend... we study in Dehradun university so came to mountain so that me and Abeer can spend time together and Cabir and Neha can enjoy there... but i'm not enjoying... 

And i am hell confused for my feelings for Abeer and Cabir... what to do god... help me.. 

Special thanks to my friend @linta for editing my story. thanks a ton dear. 
Story : Urvashi
Story editor : @linta
Pic's editor, cover editor : Aarushi


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Nisha " Kabir meet my new friend and roomie Vaani"

Kabir "hey Vaani... Kabir"

Vaani "hey" they shook hands

Nisha : lets go somewhere to sit..

Vaani : can we sit here in garden?

Kabir : sure... guys, i'm going.. bye (to basketball players)

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