Falling for a Superhero

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Angela Warden and her family just moved to the grand city of Manhattan, NY from the small town of Frankford, KY. Now in New York, she immediately realizes the city's interest in a superhero named the Proliator, who has yet to be revealed. She doesn't believe he's a real superhero that physically exists until she gets saved by him...numerous times. However, his powers don't work very efficiently with her. Dealing with a new school, new mysterious people, and an undercover past of her own brother and close friends, Angela learns the secrets of the infamous Proliator and why they have a certain unexplainable relationship that conquers the use of his powers. But will she fall for him in the process, or catch herself before he can?


Tags: ActionRomanceTeenfiction
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My Date with a Superhero

“Be absolutely still…” Proliator whispered in my ear. His right arm was coiled around my waist and his left hand was attached to mine, hovering away from our bodies as he started to unlock our fingers.

“Grrrr…” That was all I needed before I turned to bolt out of here. Only, he tightened his grip on my waist and pecked my cheek, sending me……

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