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When life has a funny way to cross your paths with someone.

When life give something but takes something instead. Or in Isabelle’s case life took two of her first things in the same day.

On the day she got her first job, she went out to celebrate but ended up sleeping with a very handsome stranger. 
She ended up loosing her virginity to him but only to lose her job on the next day. 

 But her life events only started there... 


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Isabelle POV

"Dad I'm really nervous." I say looking at my dad through the mirror, he was right behind me .

"Don't be darling" he said pulling me up from my chair and kissing me on the forehead.

"It's your big day enjoy it while it lasts " he says excitedly.

"I know " I say sighting "thank you for making it so ……

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