Love Is Blind, Well At Least My Mate Is

Abbie Lynn

3891 reads

Chloe Patterson went blind due to a mysterious fire that started in her house. It is now a year later, and after her parents were killed in a car accident a few months after she went blind her life seems pretty empty. She soon discovers the world of werewolves when Liam and his pack come to town. His pack is joining the pack her family is in. Little does she know her brothers are werewolves too and Liam just happens to be her mate. With Chloe determined to be independent and with her two protective brothers Liam is up for a challenge. And when she finds out she has to move into a pack house and might just have a stalker watching her every move the new pack will have to work together to save the alpha's mate and the beta's sister.


Tags: FantasyKidnappingMysteryAlphaPossessive
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As my book became a New York best seller I sat back at the pack house looking back on meeting Mrs. Nelson.

I was the biggest pain in her ass to begin with and now she has a book dedicated to her.

As for Liam and I, after we fully mated there are these short bliss moments when I can see.

My favorite ones of all time is Liam on o……

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