My Alpha Mate

Abbie Lynn

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*Completed* Creia Tate is a senior in high school, and ready to take on the world with her boyfriend Kyle and best friend Nia by her side. Creia has always been independent and she likes it that way. So what will happen when Nia meets her werewolf mate and drags Creia into the werewolf world with her? What will happen when Creia meets Jace, her possessive alpha mate? Will she accept Jace or fight for her life with Kyle?


Tags: AdventureWerewolfCampusLove-triangleBxG
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"Jonah stop," Max yelled.

"I'm not stopping," he shrugged.

"You are younger than me did you forget that?" She asked. I sighed she tells him that every time he tries to protect her.

"Max what's the problem?" I asked.

"I was talking to Hayden in class and Jonah totally told Mason," she groaned in frustration.

"I told ……

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