Dealing With Him

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"Never will you ever be in charge," I said sharply.

He chuckled and we stopped in front of a door. He leaned into my ear which, obviously, made me shiver.

"Tell that to me when you're under me, being fucked so hard the only thing coming out of your mouth is gasps of air."

[WARNING: This story contains strong language and sexual content. You've been warned!]

Being Aria, she knew she was bound to run into her mate when she turned eighteen. She never agreed to the terms of having a mate and thought that the Moon Goddess was a little nutty for making everyone believe that you have to be with someone you never wanted in the first place.

Then she turned eighteen.

Waiting for her mate as if it were nothing in the world -- which it was for her--, Aria went to a spa on her birthday and bumped into the last person she wanted to see; Dylan Spears, her mate... and the Alpha of the Lunar Shadow pack.

When the two get closer and find disturbing news about something, the only thing they've do is pray and hope that they can live through whatever they are about to deal with.

Aria knew from the minute she met him that she was in for more than just a sex Lord with a Greek-God's body. She was stick DEALING WITH HIM.


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The ride home was quiet. I knew Dylan was planning something in his head but that didn't mean it had to be so awkwardly quiet in the car. The chauffeur would ask if we wanted to get a drink if we passed a store but I always politely declined since Dylan was in his own world.

When we arrived home, the chauffeur h……

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