Their Broken Hearts-His Purchased Wife II


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Sequel of 'His Purchased Wife'
You don't need to read 1st book to read this book but I will appreciate if you read the first book.

This Book will be written down in three parts. All in this same book. All parts will entertain you for sure.

Fiona was a broken soul waiting to turn 18 year old, she was always tortured by her mother who used to bring a new guy at home every other day.

But one day her life got changed when she was purchased by a rich lady who took her to new home giving her the dream life where she meet the hero of her dream, love of her life only to be left with broken heart.

To read the love story of Fiona and Theo filled with tragedy and love, follow this book and you will fall in love with it.


Tags: BillionaireKidnapArrogantBossDramaBxG
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Quickly search for book Broken Queen by Vrinda.B and leave a follow. Yes this is also my creativity which I like usual will be updating daily. This will be romance+ Warewolf book and I am sure that you all will love it. Will start to update it from 1st of December so go and follow it now.

~~Fiona’s POV~~


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