My Alpha's Hatred


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Alpha Aaron Light- The feared ruler of the largest pack in the world had found his mate, unfortunately for Phoebe.
He was the one who people had to be aware of, they hid in their houses in the night praying he wouldn't knock or break their door to capture them. However, Phoebe things took a different turn. His heart was tainted with darkness and she was the only one who can save him...
Cold. His eyes hid any emotion as he dragged me into his house.
"Let me go, please. I don't want to be here." I begged as he simply ignored.
"It's Alpha for you, just like everyone else!" He glared menacingly.
"I- I hate you" And that was the last draw, I dug myself a deeper hole than before, Aaron grabbed my throat as sparks- no- fear had erupted through my whole body... Nobody ever spoke to him like that however, I had and boy was I in trouble...


Tags: WerewolfAlphaPossessivePackManipulativeSubmissiveBxG
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A burning desire to conquer the world had been in my heart since I found out that my parents were actually dead. I defeated the dark hatred within me because Aaron was beside me. Is marrying him a good decision? Heck yes. It was going to happen one day anyway, besides even after you get married you still have a lot ……

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