My Best Friend's Brother

Ashley D Fielder

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He's name is Noah Cohen the bad boy everyone warns you to stay away from, Kate happens to be very dawned to him. Six foot- three arms of a god, Abs you only dream of touching, When hes next to me I jump out of my skin, I know it's strange I don't know what I'm feeling, When he finally notices me, I can't seem to get the thought of him out of my head. Pleasure is guilty as sin, When it comes to him I can't get enough. It's only a matter of time before I give into my lustful desires of wanting him. There's just one problem he's my beat friend's brother, We have one rule family is off limits.


Tags: RomanceBad-boyForbidden
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Chapter Three

Moments later: As Kate siting there nervously, waiting for Noah to say something, she looks over, watching him as he keeps his wild eyes on the the road: But something inside him made him look over: To see her staring at him, he licked his lips: He smiled at her, she looked away in a hurry: Hopping he wouldn't of seen her blushing, she took a ……

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