Beautiful Sins


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Mina: Raped, broken and humiliated, I thought life couldn't get any worst, but then......he came along. He was everything I was afraid of. Everything in life I didn't need but I fell inlove with his dark side, made love to his monster and now? I was his and he was mine.

Mathias: She was the spitting image of the woman in my past. Fueled with revenge, trapped by dark thoughts, weakened by her innocence, I was torn between love and hate, past and present and right and wrong.
But I loved her. She kept me grounded and in control. My Erasthai. My Mina. My beautiful redemption.


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20. Second Chances

HER SMALL FRAME TREMBLED as she seeks comfort in the arms of the nurse who seemed to have become fond of her. Mina had just woken up from her first nightmare in what felt like ages and it was by far the worst she had ever encountered. It was so barbaric and inhuman that she didn't want to think about it but our minds has a funny way of co……

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