Mated To The Alpha King

Ayushri Jalan

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"You know you want me too love "

"No I don't "

"yes you do your whole body is saying you are lying love "

"I can never want a brute like you who cannot understand what a mate actually is I'll never ever be yours Xander "

Xander is the most powerful alpha in western America no one wants to cross him however the only problem is he still is unable to find his mate. 

Life is a 19 year old who wants to believe in everything good and wants hav a little adventure in life she wants to believe in everything magical. 

Life is strong minded and innocent what happens when she meets Xander who has the habit of things happening his way!


Tags: WerewolfPossessiveDramaBxG
Latest Updated

5 years later......


My life has become beautiful ever since xander entered my life we fought we cried we made up but we still loved each other and will always love each other .

Xander still gets jealous when rose , soph and i get together for our monthly "talks "

but it wouldnt be fun until all of them show up


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