The Incest

Bosy Elselhdar

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He was so powerful man, everyone feared his cold look. No one could expect what he was aiming to do because of his blank and blunt facial expressions all the time.

He never cared about anyone except his younger sister. She was the only one left in his family after his both mother and father died when he was just twenty-two years old.

They left him with billions of money and hundreds of companies to be responsible for. But the most thing that he took care of with all of his heart was sherry his sister. She was only twelve years old. She was everything to him. He treated her like a daughter. Until he became so possessive over her.

But sherry was obsessive about her older brother. She loved him so much more than her life. He was her lover and her father and her brother. He meant the whole world to her. 


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1. She belongs to……

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