Kelly Was Here

Raquel Ferreira

249 reads

In the pleasant Town of Bedford, an old woman created herself a secret, a twisted and depraved way to get what she wanted.
Kelly Anderson, a sweet girl with a wonderful family, seemed to be her latest prize in this perverse scheme. Trapped in a house of horrors, Kelly finds herself stuck with three other prisoners: a small boy, a strange girl, and a teenage boy that might just be her salvation or her downfall.

Will Kelly's dad, the Chief of Police, finally string the clues together and find her? Or, will she be the next victim to fade away forever? Will she remain sane and never lose hope? What do her captors want from her?

Go see for yourself who survives in the House that evil built.


Tags: MurderDarkSuicideKidnapTwistedBxG
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Chapter 42

"Pass me that plate," Miss Dorothy demanded. I looked at the plate and then handed it to her. "Good, now keep scrubbing those dishes."

I did as I was told, a……

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