Guns and a Rose

Purnima Negi

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She is a simple and an innocent girl. She is the type, every parent would be proud to have and every man would want to love. Everything was going perfectly in her life, like she had envisioned. She had loving parents, a cute little brother and a fiancé who loved her. 
But, one fateful day, everything changed. He saw her and now, he wanted her; no matter the method and no matter the price!
But she was scared of him. 

He had a terrible past...mixed with poverty and abuse. He grew up to find that everything could be achieved with power, only. So, he went for it. And now, he is the leader of the infamous mafia group. He got whatever he desired. And now, he wanted her. All of her. 

He loved her. 


Tags: possessivebadboygoodgirlpowerfulgangsterdramabxg
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Bonus Chapter

"Now open your eyes!" Faizal asked his wife as he brought her to a halt.

It was Nitya's birthday and as usual he decided to give her a present at the strike of twelve. And like every year, she would excitedly wait to unwrap the gift that he so lovingly brings for her.

The gifts in itself were beautiful. But, what made her love them m……

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