I sold My Virginty

Bosy Elselhdar

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My father won a poker game, he shouldn't win, skunking the maven means one thing... conk or Die! But I have something he might be hypnotized and captivated in.

" So, How you will save your father from death,Die instead of him ?! " he smirked.
"NOBODY WILL DIE!!! , I'll give you my Virginity, Are you interested ?"
"Just in one condition! Marry me."

Who said getting espoused to grievous man is atrocious?! All I can remember.. I fall for him with every inch of mine.

I'm his impotency, vacillating point that fixates his hands and solemnizes him.that shows his softhearted daub inside..deep inside his heart

Not every dream comes true, sometimes the crisscrossed blockading your path and made you struggle it's just the correct one.


Tags: ForbiddenPossessiveSexContract MarriageForcedPlayboyBxB
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