The Devil wants me

Bosy Elselhdar

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He was a beast, he was merciless, he was dangerous until he Found his weak spot 'Brad'.

PRINCE William SCalena frederick 'THE DEVIL' A FOUR YEARS OLD KID, supposed to live normally and grow up among his friends. But he wasn't Normal , he was a Prince , he started early to hold the guns, to practice on all kind of fighting starting from, How to use a sword to Street fighting. He lost the kindness, he lost the happiness. His joy was only focused on blood. The bullets became his only toy.

They ruined a kid, they invented a monster but they didn't notice.
Love has No Existence in his heart. Mercy is not in his dictionary. No fear could make him kneel.

But... Could THE YOUNG MAID slap his Ego?


Tags: ForbiddenSexForcedPlayboyPrinceBeastDramaBxB
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1. She belongs to the Alpha king [daily update]

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3. She's not My Luna [Will start uploading in one week]

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1. She belongs to……

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