The Return of Mrs De Rege (BWWM)

Mathi Mahlo

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Warning: Scorned women serve revenge on an ice cold platter.

When Namhla found out she was about to wed one of Egoli's most notorious crime bosses, she was less than thrilled. And after finding out how dangerous the man was, she escaped. With the man's child. A painful revenge but a her father's sudden disappearance has the scorned returning to the man who made her life a living hell. What will Mrs De Rege's return entail?

"How do you feel about marriage Namhla?" The sudden change of topic made her head spin, not only that but her father not calling her by her nickname, raised a few flags. Something was going on.

"It's not something I can honestly say I fantasy about but I'd be open to you getting married." She smiled, knowing how she twisted her father's words. It was an innocent joke she'd play whenever she tried to avoid talking about something.

Dario wouldn't let her derail the conversation, this had to be done. "Namhla you're getting married."


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Episode 50

Episode 50 – The End.

Sometimes, whilst in the shower… She had flashbacks, of that day. Sometimes when she closed her eyes she saw bloodied dead bodies in her path. And sometimes, it made her sick, it made her skin crawl and she could only think about running back and checking on Luca.

She was thankful that he was always okay at the ……

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