Mr Billionaire Revenge

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"I hate you Jade ,and alway will" He said to me but I hold back my tears. " well the feeling is mutual "
Jade and Alex are married now but only for revenge 
Alex want to make Jade life a living hell. 
Jade married him to save her mother but she still loves his possessive best friend 

Join Alex and Jade married journey who hates each other how they are going to survive with each other 
Will they hatred ever going to change in to love .

Betrayal,shock , laugh, revenge  waiting for you 

Ps- please read the sequel my possessive best friend 


Tags: BillionaireChicklitKidnappingRomanceJealousy
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Alex p.o.v

I look at the window of my helicopter just few minutes Jade and I will be there for you....

Right now I am heading with cops, where was Jade kept. I am going to kill that bas***.

But Jade will she forgive me..Damn that night.

I haven't done anything, I just went there to save Kacey.


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