In My Deceiving Heels


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Kylie Pearson has always been under the watchful eye of her overprotective older sibling. When he's not complaining about her saucy photoshoots, he's moaning at her for partying hard.

After her brother's engagement party, she hooks up with an unexpected candidate. Trying to cover up their tracks, the two vow to let it just be a one time thing and to keep it between them. It's easier said than done.

Kylie's spectacular summer is spent having fun with her friends and indulging in her new relationship but it all comes at a cost. Kylie finds herself tangled in such a big lie that all she can do is watch as it falls apart.

[2nd installment of the #WhenAWomanWalksSeries]



Tags: billionairesexdominantdramabxg
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Chapter Forty

"Oh my gosh!" Arianna sang as she pushed the door open. "This room is amaze!"

"Totally agree." I breathed as I entered the room behind her. Mckenzie and Connor were clearly sparing no expense with this whole thing.

We were at the Courtyard Hotel, top floor and this suite was beyond amazing. The room was cream co……

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