Lies that you told me GXG (ON HOLD)


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How can you mend something that is already broken?

Valerie Mandigan tries her best not to lose the love of her life in every way possible.
But as days passed the string that once connected their hearts were cut. Left with nothing but loneliness and sorrow, she drowns herself in alcohols and one night stands. A broken heart is all that she has.

Can someone be able to save her from her misery?


Tags: LGBT+RomanceJealousyPossessiveSex
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Chapter 4

Valerie POV

The pleasure is still in my system, inhaling deep to even my ragged breathing. She's the second person who made me cum like that but I don't want to bed her again, that's what one nightstand stands for. No strings attached, fuck then leave.

I just want pleasures to keep for myself, no feel……

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